PODIM 2019 (Maribor, 21-22 May 2019) represents the largest conference on startups in the Alps-Adriatic region, created by the collaboration of various partners from the Slovenian and neighboring countries ecosystem. The event is organized over two days at the Hotel Habakuk, with multiple spaces for moments of discussion, learning sessions, B2B, exchange of best practices.

 In this context the Italian Trade Agency organizes a “Punto Italia” in the main hall, creating a contiguous space with the similar institutional info points of Austria and Slovenia, to emphasize the privileged cooperation between the three neighboring Countries that - in the area – are the ones  offering the greatest Governmental support to the sector. ITA staff will provide information and assistance to the participating Italian startups and speakers.

 In 2018 edition, 341 start-ups, 90 investors, 74 speakers, 433 stakeholders and 177 companies were present. Italian startups and speakers will find a dynamic and innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem even this year.

 Throughout Slovenia, various appointments and motivational or start-up meetings are organized every year. Their goal is to enable more advanced startuppers to share their experiences, knowledge, successes and failures in order to motivate, connect and qualify the talented Slovenian community.

 Participation to PODIM is part of a broader project that the Italian Trade Agency organizes in 2019 in Slovenia for the sector: incoming of a Slovenian incubator, accelerator and venture capital delegation to the recent Rome Start up Week last April, presence at Koper FestINNO in mid-May and inclusion of Slovenia in the Global Start Up Program promoted by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, as one of the 6 international acceleration destinations for the 120 selected Italian start-ups.

 Slovenia defines itself as "the Land of Startups": since 2012 the main sector stakeholders gave life to "Start:up Slovenia", to train and strengthen national programs that promote innovative entrepreneurship. In 2016 Start:up Slovenia participated in Brussels to the official launch of the European Startup Network (ESN) under the auspices of the European Commission. The main professors of Ljubljana and Maribor Universities - together with the main institutional subjects - have therefore prepared the "Start:up manifest", a national strategy that lays the foundations for the promotion of the sector, constantly creating and updating its programs.

 Being a founding member of the European initiative has brought to Slovenia many opportunities to promote and support the best national startups and their ecosystem, to define the local key activities and to establish an international support, through the exchange of experiences and best practices with other member countries.

Both the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and the Slovenian Enterprise Fund provide every year specific programs and funds for the promotion of the innovation sector and the country is now definitely present on the map of the main European startup hubs.

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