Singapore InnovFest unBound 2016 has been a huge event organized by the National University of Singapore in association with the government agency IDA - Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore and focused on innovative startups' world.

The Italian Trade Agency has set up a participation of

4 Italian startups

3 incubators

and Italia Start Up (, an association established in 2012 to support projects promoted by Italian SME and startups

ICE Singapore has organized as well the "Building Startup Ecosystem Around the World" workshop on 17th May, featuring relators from Italia Startup, the Economist, Start-up National Central Ltd and The-Hub Singapore.

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Ice’s President, Mr Riccardo M. Monti, launched the 2015 edition of ItaliaRestartsUp at Rai’sTG1 on September 28, within a feature programme dedicated to Youth, Employment and Start-up companies. In the interview, lasting about 40 minutes, Monti dealt also with a number of other subjects besides the event, scheduled for Ocotober 22-23 in Milan. A video recording of the broadcast can be viewed at

On the Italian side, a total of 102 start-up, 18 Investiment funds, 20 incubators and 8 local development agencies have been admitted to the event (see the attached reports). They are getting ready to meet with a few dozens foreign investors. Ice’s offices abroad, together with Ice’s partners for the event, i.e. Smau and the Ministry of Economic Development, are actively seeking for expressions of interest from qualified potential participants, in dozens of countries. More information about the event and a registration form can be found at

The submissions by Italian start-up companies only amounted to 274. An evaluation committee carefully evaluated them, giving priority to companies endowed with the prescribed requirements and deemed in a better position to relate to foreign venture capitalists

29-Sep-2015 (MS)

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Ice, the Italian Government’s Agency promoting trade and investment, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development and Smau, is launching the second edition of ItaliaRestartsUp, the national event expressly designed to be a meeting point between the protagonists of the Italian start-up ecosystem, i.e. companies, investors and support agencies, and foreign investors specialized in innovative start-up companies.

Italian companies have already been called to sign up, by September 9, for the new edition, which will take place on 22 and 23 October 2015 at Smau International in Milan. Subsequently, through the network of ICE offices around the world, the recruitment and selection of foreign investors will take place. The participants’ profile is centered on expansion and late stage start-up companies and on investors which have already started, or are very close to setting up, overseas operations and would like to expand them.

The co-location of Smau ItaliaRestartsUp aims not only at providing investors with a more complete picture of the areas traditionally covered by the Milan exhibition, i.e. office-related technologies and goods, but also at adding value in terms of contacts and networking, thanks to the presence at Smau of so many players belonging to the Italian start-up ecosystem.

Last year’s edition, which saw the participation of over 65 innovative start-ups and 50 foreign investors from 23 countries, has met with great appreciation, as confirmed by a recent customer satisfaction survey. Among the responding 22 foreign investors, 81% took the view that the event has met all or nearly all of their expectations. Relative to the objective to meet Italian start-up companies, top-ranked by all respondents, the satisfaction rate amounted to 97% (calculated adding all ratings about satisfaction and dividing them by the sum of ratings about importance). Over 90% of foreign investors surveyed said they would be interested in participating in a second edition of the event.

The draft program of the event, still under development, includes the following parts.

*      A conference and seminars, in the morning of the first day

*      Business-to-business (B2B) meetings between foreign investors and start-up companies, the following afternoon

*      B2B meetings between foreign investors, on one hand, and Italian investors and development agencies that support start-ups, on the other hand, in the morning of the second day.

Meetings and networking occasions are also being organized to give more added value to the presence of foreign investors.

Ice offices overseas are now sending preliminary information notices to potentially interested counterparts, with a view to providing full information about Italian participating companies by mid-September.

Inquiries by prospective foreign participants are welcome. Please direct them to your local Ice office, which will promptly reply to you, in co-operation with Ice Headquarters as appropriate. The list of Ice offices is published in the home page of Ice’s portal, under the heading “Go to your country site”.

(MS & Pask) - 27 Aug 2015

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Foreign investors participating at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress, taking place in Milan from March 16 to 19, 2015 have been invited by the Italian Trade Agency (aka ITA or ICE) to schedule meetings with 23 selected Italian Startup companies (see their profiles in attachment). All 69 companies admitted to participate in ItaliaRestartsUp, a similar event organized by ITA-ICE in December of 2014, had been called to apply.

A special area in the Gold Room of the South Wing at the Congress facility hosting the event has been reserved for this purpose. Dedicated staff will be present at the registration desk and in the meeting area in order to facilitate the agenda building process, for which ITA-ICE has joined forces with Meta Group, one of the co-hosts of the event. One of the highlights of Gec 2015 will also be a competition among 16 of the 23 selected Italian startup companies, on March 19 morning. The competition, called Get In The Ring, will take place in the plenary room and companies will be voted down or up by the audience.

More information about Gec can be found at

(MS) 16-Mar-2015

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Milano, December 9, 2014 - It reads ItaliaRestartsUp but it is pronounced 'Italy comes back to growth thanks to Startup companies": that is the name of a new event dedicated to foreign investors specialized in innovative companies, which takes place today in Milano and was organized by the Innovation and Startup Team at the Italian Trade Agency (ITA aka ICE) in collaboration with the technical Secretariat of the Ministry of Economic Development.

More than 55 investors from 23 countries have gathered in Milan to meet, in direct and reserved talks, the 69 Italian participating startups, selected by a panel of experts. During the more than 450 appointments organized at the request of foreign guests (up to 14 per investor), startups will have a chance to illustrate their vision and projects and to propose investment opportunities, in order to broaden their sources of funding, thus accelerating the pace of development of their business.

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