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Under the provision of the law and in the context of strengthening initiatives to promote advanced technologies, research and innovation in foreign markets, ICE-Italian Trade Agency has created tools to facilitate the internationalization of firms classified as innovative startups.
The Decree-Law 179/2012 "Further urgent measures to facilitate the growth of the country" at art.30 contains provisions that specifically envision ICE-ITA's activities for the benefit of enterprises classified as "innovative startups" and recorded in the appropriate section of
the business census.

More in detail, DL 179/2012 requests ICE-Agency to take steps to

1) provide assistance on regulatory, corporate, tax, real estate, contracts and credit

ICE-Italian Trade Agency is equipped to provide services to each category of enterprise, and therefore also to innovative startups. To further facilitate the internationalization of the latter, ICE-Agency approved the issue of a "start up services card", which can be obtained for free, that allows each company registered as an innovative startup to enjoy a discount of 30% on the rates established by its services catalog, mainly oriented to facilitate the first contact and the inclusion of companies into new overseas markets. The discount does not apply to specialized services or equipment which may be outsourced by ICE-Agency to local professionals.

2) identify the major fairs and international events to which host the free innovative start-ups

3) develop initiatives to facilitate the matching of innovative start-ups with potential investors for the stages of raising early stage capital and expansion capital. ICE-ITA welcomes requests by foreign investors to its headquarters and to its investment desks, located in Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Mumbai. For an overview about Doing business with Italian innovative companies please see the attached brochure.

For more information www.innovationitaly.it/en/contacts


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Download this file (150302 brochureA5web.pdf)Ecosystems and incentives brochure[Overview of incentives and opportunities related to doing business with Italian innovative companies - March 2015]2170 kB

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